Feline fury

The Feline Fury video slot game is a high tech computer animated slot machine that can produce large winnings. It is part of the newest line of video slot machines to hit the market. If you are looking for a good video slot game to play while you visiting the casino, this one is definitely worth trying out. The game is fully automated so it requires no separate supervision by a live casino employee. It also produces a high amount of winnings, even though it is not known as one of the best video slot games around.

The Feline fury slot uses five reels, 3 horizontal and 20 vertical lines for its playing pattern. You must land 3, four or five matching symbols on any of the horizontal paylines in any of the five lines on the reels to win a winning combination. In addition to the normal jackpot on the main reel, the feline fury has two small bonus features. The bonus features award you a free spin, in which you can rotate five of your icons to play on the bonus reel. Each icon has a jackpot potential of $20.

The other bonus feature in the Feline fury is the “wild” slot machine that gives you the opportunity to select two of the icons to place in a special slot that will not pay off unless you use the “wild” icon. If you are lucky, you will hit it big. It pays off well and can bring you quite a large amount of cash.