Halloween fortune 2

Halloween Fortune 2 is the follow up to Halloween Fortune, the hot new online video slot game hitting the internet this month. With more than one million users playing right now, it’s guaranteed to be the number one download in no time. With its simple concept and addicting gameplay, this simple flash game promises to […]

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Selfie elfie

In this new video slot game “Selfie Elfie” by Microgaming, gamers are a group of snowboarding elves that have taken a snow fall. When they land on an object they are required to move towards it using the arrow keys and the mouse buttons to complete their goal. Using the left and right arrows they […]

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Secrets of the amazon

The game of Amazon is one of the most popular online casino games and also a video slot game. It is played on computers in different countries. The video slot version of this game is not much different from its online version. Players need to roll the red and black dice and match them with […]

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