Rich diamonds: hold and win

Rich diamonds: hold and win is a video slot game with a twist. If you hit Six, Bonus Diamond, or more Bonus Diamonds, you’ll trigger the Hold and Win mechanism, which will fill the slots with three gemstones of the same color. When you hit three Scatterments on the revolving reels, you’ll activate five Bonus Spins in which the first three, second, and third ones merge into a single huge symbol, giving large prize values of up to x200! The first two slots are still empty, so be sure to hit at least one of them for an extra prize! Remember: gems will keep on spinning, but gems will stop spinning if they fill up with more gems than can be released.

You can use the above method throughout the game to collect as many Bonus Diamonds as possible, but the true fun comes from trying to decide what gems are the best and who they belong to. Like the fruit symbols, the symbols used on the reels change as you move through the game – there are red, blue, black, yellow, green, purple, orange, white, and purple gems. The slot machines also change their symbols, but like the fruit symbols, these change randomly. The goal in this game is to select the winning symbols for each level.

Playing Rich Diamonds: Hold and Win is so much fun that I almost forgot to mention its action-packed play! As you progress through the game, a score counter appears at the bottom of the screen, counting your actions. At higher levels, gems will randomly fall from the sky and land in your lap. You need to mash the buttons on your machine to collect them, earning points each time. Rich Diamonds: Hold and Win is an action-packed, arcade action game with amazing graphics and sound effects.