Secrets of the amazon

The game of Amazon is one of the most popular online casino games and also a video slot game. It is played on computers in different countries. The video slot version of this game is not much different from its online version. Players need to roll the red and black dice and match them with card numbers. The winning of a jackpot depends upon the total number of hits. Amazon is one of those games which allow the free spins without paying the re-roll costs.

The graphics of this slot game is excellent and many bonus features are also very worthwhile. Lucky gamblers may win the 50 000 slot jackpot of this Secrets of the Amazon video slot game. There are some Playtech internet slots for single players, multi-player and friendly sit-in casino games which are based upon the characters of Amazon. This particular game has a set of five images that represent the characters of Amazon which are Asellus, Deities, Justine, Eth and Thrall. One needs to rotate these images so that they change to different images like in a puzzle.

This is a video slot machine game that has progressive jackpots. Like all other slot machines, the jackpots also increase when the player gets closer to the maximum number of bids made while playing this game. Some of the bonus features include the “buy-in” bonus where a certain number of players are required to start the bidding in order to win this jackpot. It is a video slot machine game and it is not available in some casinos.